Diversity and Inclusion

Due to the diverse nature of the market share, it is imperative that organizations weave diversity into its organizational fiber. Diversity and inclusion is a driving force that should influence all phases of a business, from strategic thinking, to day-to-day communications, work processes, hiring, training, and benefits.

Learning about an individual’s unique background and different needs is an essential part of serving an organization’s employee base. Diversity and inclusion should be an inherent component of day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

Companies that incorporate a diversity and inclusion philosophy, reap the valuable rewards of:
  • Higher employee engagement and retention
  • Improved employee performance and morale
  • Increased appeal to a diverse member/customer base
  • A diverse pool of applicants
  • Reduced harassment incidences, charges, and discrimination lawsuits
In an inclusive environment, employees feel connected to the company, and they understand the organization’s strategic objectives and see how their contribution plays a role in achieving those objectives.

Optimal Talent Solutions® consultation services include:
  • Establishment of a diversity program
  • Establishment of a diversity council
  • Designing a diversity recruitment strategy
  • Defining diversity metrics
  • Web-based consultation and training
  • Diversity 'train the trainer' sessions
  • Diversity computer-based training

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