Learning and Development

OPTIMAL Learning and Development - Establishing a healthy and proactive training culture can improve your organization's quality of work and increase employee productivity. Employees are more inclined to be loyal to an organization that enables and values their growth and wants to cultivate it. Training is the catalyst which provides employees with the knowledge to accomplish goals, learn new tasks, and support effective application to improve performance.

Consultation services include:
  • Establishing a learning culture/center
  • Establishing position specific and personal development learning plans

Consultation services provide access to:

  • Development Assessment Solutions
  • Analysis of skill and competency gaps for current/future roles
  • Identification of areas of opportunity and leveraging of strengths in critical individual, team, and company competencies
  • Personalized development plans to optimize employee potential

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Optimal Talent Solutions, a talent management and human resources consulting group provided by South Carolina Financial Solutions, LLC, a member of the South Carolina Federal Credit Union’s family of service organizations.